André Pruitt, Senior Vice President of Technology

Mr. Pruitt currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Technology. In this capacity, he is responsible for In-Depth’s technology product line organization and advanced technology programs. Prior to this position, Mr. Pruitt served as a lead software engineer during the development of the AN/BYG-1 Tactical Control System (TCS).

Prior to his leadership of TCS development, Mr. Pruitt led the system design, software design and coding of the Advanced Tactical Processing Build (APB(T)). Mr. Pruitt was also responsible for the system design and software design of the Track Management Computer Program (TMCP) for the AN/SQQ-89 A(V)15 Surface Ship Sonar System. Mr. Pruitt’s expertise was beneficial in the design, development and testing of the Low Frequency Active Intercept Receiver.

Prior to that, Mr. Pruitt was responsible for overseeing the development of the Common System Services Functional Segment of the AN/SQQ-89 (V)15 Surface Ship Sonar System.

Andre and his wife Kim live with their two daughters in Montgomery County, Maryland.

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