Dave Woodford, Senior Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Dave Woodford is an executive engineer with over 20 years of technical and leadership experience in the design, development and integration of complex military and COTS signal processing and computer systems. Dave serves as the Senior Vice President of Engineering for IEC - responsible for the execution of numerous development and production programs.

Prior to his service to IEC, Mr. Woodford served in leadership roles associated with the AN/BYG-1 Tactical Control System and Low Frequency Active Sonar. In his tenure at Digital Systems Resources, Dave served as a member of the senior leadership team for the AN/BYG-1 Tactical Control System. Mr. Woodford has also served in leadership and engineering roles associated with the development of the Photonics Mast Workstation , the Acoustic Analysis Trainer/Sonar Employment Trainer , the Multi-Static Active Receiver System, the Total Ship Monitoring System Project , the Acoustic Sensor Functional Segment of the SQQ-89, the Advanced Distributed System, and several instantiations of adjunct processors to the SQQ-89.

Dave has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University and an MBA from Loyola College.

Dave and his wife Mary live with their two children in Leesburg, Virginia.

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