Procurement Integrity

Our ability to gain customer trust and to secure and execute contracts rests upon our integrity in the procurement process. Each of us is obliged to ensure that all activities associated with bid, proposal, and contract execution are conducted in a manner that demonstrates the highest level of integrity.

Each of us is responsible for dealing fairly with the company’s customers, contractors, competitors, employees, and others. Employees involved in proposals, bid preparations, or contract negotiations must be certain that all communications are accurate and truthful. Once awarded, all contracts must be performed in compliance with specifications, requirements, and contract terms and conditions.

In-Depth Engineering takes responsibility for dealing fairly with customers, competitors, suppliers, and employees. As such we gather information about competitors from public sources. Each of us must not use, obtain, or accept offers to provide unauthorized contractor bid and proposal information that we are not clearly and legitimately entitled to. In the unlikely event that an employee receives material perceived to be unauthorized, that employee must refrain from copying, distributing, or using the information until it can be reviewed by the ethics office and cleared for use and distribution.

Antitrust and Legitimate Business Development Practices

We are committed to United States antitrust laws that prohibit anti-competitive behavior and unfair business practice. Antitrust laws are intended to encourage competition in the marketplace and discourage certain practices deemed to hurt businesses or consumers or to violate accepted standards of ethical behavior.

It is our responsibility to conduct our business development activities in a fair and competitive manner. In the course of business development, we must not engage in malicious or inaccurate statements that pertain to our competitors and refrain from casual conversations with employees of our competitors that pertain to pricing, customers, and products. In-Depth will not conspire to gain or use competitors proprietary information falsely or improperly.

The company’s commitment to compliance with the antitrust laws includes the following guidelines:

Any information exchanged pursuant to a teaming agreement or other agreement must be limited to the purpose of the agreement and those included in the exchange must have a legitimate need to know the information. Antitrust laws are complex and must be complied with strictly. When in doubt, consult with the company’s ethics officer.

Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA)

We are committed to TINA, a public law enacted for the purpose of providing for full and fair disclosure by contractors in the conduct of negotiations with the government. When in contract negotiations, we take the following steps to ensure compliance with TINA: