Responsible Use of Company Assets

Employees of the company shall respect company property and assets including computers, telephones, and related information technology systems. Theft, carelessness, misuse, and waste of company property have a direct impact on our profitability. Company assets and resources should be used only to conduct company business, and not for personal gain or any non-business purpose. Company property must never be borrowed or removed from company or customer locations without management’s permission.

Company assets are intended to be used for the conduct of In-Depth’s business. Employees must not use the company’s resources to support a personal business, for illegal acts, or for a purpose that would cause embarrassment to our corporation.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual property that is developed, modified, and sold by In-Depth defines our business. This includes all copyrighted material, patents, trade secrets, inventions, and processes. We must make every effort to protect corporate intellectual property and that of our customers whose property we possess in the course of business.

In-Depth Engineering retains title to all intellectual property created by our employees executing functions related to our business. We execute an intellectual property agreement with each employee at the time of hire codifying this arrangement.

Information Technology

In-Depth information technology should only be used for company business. We are not permitted to use the company’s technology or systems to support other than In-Depth Engineering business.

Software that is used by company employees is licensed for business use only and should not be copied for home use or shared with others without prior authorization. Each of us is expected to safeguard all computer equipment and data.

Internet Use

Each employee is granted the privilege of accessing the internet via In-Depth’s computers and networks. Internet access is intended for business-related purposes. Any Internet access to content or materials which are of an offensive nature, including pornographic or obscene materials and materials that otherwise may reasonably be considered inappropriate, will be considered willful misconduct and may result in immediate discharge. Excessive personal Internet access may result in discipline, up to and including termination from employment.

In-Depth Engineering is dedicated to providing a work environment that is free from unlawful harassment. Transmitting offensive materials through the company’s e-mail may be viewed as creating a hostile work environment, thereby exposing the company and individuals to liability. Accordingly, it is prohibited and will be a basis for discipline, up to and including termination from employment, to transmit material which is defamatory, discriminatory, threatening, profane, slanderous, libelous, or otherwise offensive. Materials covered by this restriction include documents, messages, jokes, images, cartoons, programs and software.

Each of us should consider all e-mail messages and attachments as formal business correspondence. We should expect that anything in an electronic file is always available for and subject to review by In-Depth. Each of us should respect the confidentiality of co-workers in their e-mail communications.

Right to Inspect and Monitor

In-Depth retains the right to monitor all use of company computers, including all use of the Internet and all documents and e-mail, whether initiated through the company from our offices or a remote location, including a home location. Although passwords, user ID’s and similar measures are provided for confidentiality, employees are put on notice that they should have no expectation of personal privacy with respect to any file, e-mail, document, attachment, program, voice mail or other material contained within company computers. Each of us consents to monitoring and auditing of the computers assigned to us. There is no expectation of privacy for any of us while using the company’s computer systems.