Integrated Common Processor

The Integrated Common Processor (ICP) is an integral component of the Maritime Surveillance Systems Program (MSS). MSS, which is composed of fixed, mobile, and deployable acoustic arrays, provides for the detection, localization and tracking of quiet diesel and nuclear submarines. MSS has undergone a major change in emphasis from the maintenance of a large dispersed surveillance force to a much smaller force that is effective against modern diesel and nuclear submarines in regional/littoral or broad ocean areas of interest.

The Integrated Common Processor (ICP) Program is developing the capability to process and display data from all fixed and mobile underwater systems; taking advantage of automation advancement, array technology improvements, hardware insertions and the common software components of the submarine and surface USW systems. In the future, the ICP baseline will support LFA bi-static processing utilizing the TL-29A.

In-Depth Engineering serves as technical lead for a team of contractors and Navy laboratories in the execution of this effort.

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